Economic Development

The Camden Area Chamber of Commerce works with the Ouachita Partnership for Economic Development, the City of Camden and Ouachita County governments on continued growth for our community.  With a skilled workforce and available facilities, Camden is the ideal place for industrial prospecting wanting to locate in a growing, progressive area.

Industry Appreciation Events

Local industries are recognized each year in a variety of ways.  Industry Appreciation Golf Tournaments and BBQs have been held in the past.  This is done in an effort to show our local established industries the area’s appreciation for their continued support to our economic base.

Research, Presentations and Information Packets

The Chamber offers demographic and labor related research for established industries.  Often the results are compiled in special information booklets for a specific industry.


A&P Commission

The Chamber of Commerce was largely responsible for the passage of the Advertising & Promotion tax as a way to assure the promotion of the area as a tourist destination.  The Chamber continues to attend the A&P Commission meetings and makes requests of the Committee for projects which will benefit the area regarding tourism.

Arkansas’ South Tourism Association

The Chamber is very active with the Arkansas’ South Tourism Association and its cooperative advertising program.  The Association covers seven counties in south Arkansas that highlight special events, tours and tourist opportunities.

Small Business Support

Information & Resources

The Chamber, in conjunction with the Ouachita Partnership for Economic Development, works with local small business owners to provide information on topics such as “How to Write Business Plans” and “Inventory Control”.

Small Business Workshops

In conjunction with OPED, the Chamber offers workshops on issues that relate to small businesses.  The workshops are often free but occasionally require a minimal charge.

Hospitality Workshops

Hospitality workshops are offered to local businesses and service industries to teach customer relations and service skills that are vital to business in general and tourism and visitor attraction specifically.


Arkansas Scholars Program

The Arkansas Scholars Program is aimed at students from the 8th grade through the 12th grade.  The program partners the Chamber, the four school districts in Ouachita County and business and industry to provide incentives to students to attend school on a consistent basis, make good grades and to take classes which will benefit their scholastic or working ability.

Speakers Program

The Chamber, working with all three school districts in Ouachita County, schedules successful business men and women to speak to students concerning the attitudes, abilities and skills which are needed to be employable.